Racing to the Finish Line

Funny how time flies when we are having fun, and then you suddenly realize that the time for school work it actually running out very quick.

While on spring break it seemed as if I had the whole time in the world to rest a little bit, not until it was April 18th and I realized that we were returning back to school the next day and it dawned on me that time indeed is never really on our side as we think.

After returning to school from my spring break it suddenly dawned on me that we have just about three weeks to the end of the semester. With so much school work to catch up on, assignments to pass in, the website to finish up and exams to prepare for, I am seriously racing like a sprinter on the track to cross the finish line.

Time is indeed what we want most, but… what we use worst.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

The experience of making my first NET ART animated GIF was very rigorous and challenging, BUT I finally got it done and the above GIF is exactly how I feel about that experience.

I’m not totally sure what the next project I’ll be working on will be, but I can boldly say this for a fact. I am ready to face it squarely and ready to deliver!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


My NET ART Animated GIF


After a few days of taking a break from my NET ART and GIF assignment, I finally returned back to visit it. And this time it was a totally different experience.

Today I finally got my NET ART assignment done after going through the tutorial. And I must say that it was really an interesting experience.

The Unisphere at Night

My first step above was to go on the Net and find an image which mine was the Unisphere stainless steel representation of the EARTH located in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, NY.

Above was my next step which I use the Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop to crop out the background and made it transparent, changed the size from 300dpi to 72dpi and and then export it in PNG to my desktop.


The next step was to find this Animated background Gif on Tumblr and bring it into the platform, then import my Unisphere picture into “” and design my first NET ART Gif animation below.



Finally, the image above is a vector image created from this drawing, and convert into digital arts. Which I then used with the help of platform to make my final NET ART animated Gif.

To do that, I screen recorded the GIF conversion of the piece using the QuickTime Application on MAC and then brought it back into Photoshop. I resized it by its height and width as needed and here is the final NET ART Animated GIF.

Lost But Now Found

It’s incredible the level of confusion you may find yourself if you don’t know how to do something, but are faced with the responsibility to have it done.

I was supposed to have some NET ART done last week but it was very challenging because I couldn’t figure how to get it done. To add salt to the injury, I couldn’t get the tutorial that I needed to watch to get the NET ART to open which made it even tougher to make a headway.

So I decided to take a break from it to come back to it later. And this above Gif truly expresses exactly how I felt.

My Website Development

Today was really an amazing day in Digital StoryTelling class. I was able to learn a few more things about WordPress and how to add more contents to my website.

Today, I learned how to add Menus to my website, and also categories too. The next thing I am planning to do is learn how to  customize my website by adding some nice colors to the background, and adding contents such as videos and audios, and developing even more on it.

I am very excited about it, and cant wait to see what the final product will become when I finish.


Hello world!

Welcome to Our World.  Explore, connect, enjoy!

First blog post on my website

Today had the pleasure to post my very first blog post on my newly registered website, and it was indeed a very great feeling.

I look forward to designing the site and making it both as informative and as educative as possible.  Stay tuned…..