Portrait Documentary Projects

Below are a couple of the portrait documentary projects that I was previledged to direct and produce which includes Camera and Lighting Exercise and Portrait Interview.

Camera and Lighting Exercise

I was opportuned to work on this Camera and Lighting Exercise as a Director, ┬áProducer and Editor. I used a Panasonic HMC40 camera to take a shots of an Academic Core Building – Panning Right, Video clips of the street – Panning Left, A Flag Pole – Tilting up, A Tree – Tilting down, A School banner – Zomming in, A Student Sitting by the table – Zooming out.

Portrait Documentary Interview

In this other project, I work on this Portrait Documentary Interview also as the Director,  Producer and Editor of the film. I also used a Panasonic HMC40 camera to shot the interview Samuel Dedier and Mohammed Alnefaie taking a Medium shot, Close-up, Extreme close-up, and Over-the-shoulder shot.