FROM THE NIXON PLAY BOOK – Donald Trump Yanks a Richard Nixon

Echoes of WATERGATE Cover-Up Attempt

So we are just supposed to believe that Donald Trump’s firing of the former FBI Director James Comey was because he was unfair to Hillary? Right. Complete NONSENSE!

First Donald Trump fired the Acting Attorney General of the United States SALLY YATES because she refused to defend his illegal immigration executive order, And now, He’s fired the FBI Director James Comey, a man who is leading a criminal investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign circle and Russian operatives, just the way Richard Nixon fired Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox when his probe was getting too close.

Of course, in the Richard Nixon’s case, it took some doing, because principled men stood between the corrupt president and his objective. First Attorney General Elliot Richardson refused to execute the order, resigning instead. Then Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus similarly refused and resigned. Nixon then instructed Acting Attorney General Robert Bork to oust Cox, and he executed the order. Altogether, the incident, which took place on Saturday, Oct. 20, 1973, became known as the Saturday Night Massacre.

In the case of President Trump, He definitely doesn’t have the same problem. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were both aboard for the purge, providing reinforcement and legal cover for Trump’s action.

According to a memo from Rosenstein, the concern with Comey is that he held a press conference in July announcing his decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private e-mail server.

“The director was wrong to usurp the attorney general’s authority and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without recommendation,” wrote Rosenstein. The memo continues: “Compounding the error, the director ignored another longstanding principle: we don’t hold press conferences to release derogatory information about the subject of a declined criminal investigation.”

Now, it strains credulity beyond the rending point to believe that either Trump or Sessions has any real concerns about whether Clinton was treated unfairly. Trump, after all, spent much of his campaign not just demeaning her but saying, ridiculously, that if elected president, he would put her prison. I was at a Trump rally in New Hampshire on the late October day when news broke that James Comey had told Republican congressional leaders that he was reopening the Clinton probe. Trump lavished praise on Comey for that action.

Nor is there any reason to believe that either man has any honest concern about proper process. Trump in particular is a process-be-damned president.

Yet here’s what is perfectly believable: Trump and his underlings are acutely worried about an FBI director who shows independence from his bosses, who charts his own course, who speaks his mind publicly when he feels the need, and who goes to Capitol Hill and explains his reasoning with a considerable degree of candor.

This president clearly doesn’t want a man like that in charge of an investigation that reaches deep into his inner circle and could have serious repercussions for his administration. Look for Comey to be replaced by someone who doesn’t have his independent profile or his relationship with Capitol Hill. Someone who knows Trump’s rules of the road and will abide by them.

Donald Trump Partying With Richard Nixon

Back during WATERGATE according to the documentary, Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre seemed to steel Congress’s resolve to get to the bottom of Watergate. The question is whether the same will happen now. The fear here is that the need for statesmen far exceeds their availability in this Congress.

Truth be told that Donald Trump firing of James Comey shows how frightened the Administration is over the Russia investigation. We are totally witnessing a Constitutional crisis unfold before our very eyes.

Therefore, In order to preserve the INTEGRITY of the ongoing FBI Counter Intelligence investigation and the government, CONGRESS MUST get their heads out of the sand and DEMAND a special prosecutor to probe the possible collusion of @realDonaldTrump ‘s campaign and the Russian government officials.

Now, more than ever, a special prosecutor is needed.

Funny Celebrity Faces GIF Portrait

After numerous occasions of procrastination to embark on an effort to get my very first GIF the Portrait Project done, I finally got to it.

Despite the fact that my first attempt didn’t really get the job done as I would have wanted it done, I was still able to come up with my first preliminary attempt of creating a GIF Portrait, and here was my result.

I do strongly believe that at my next attempt, I will surely get the job done in a perfect way possible.

Watch this SPACE….


There’s really no words to be able to express the amazing feeling one gets after finally being able to overcome a hurdle.

This week, I was able to get one step closer to getting my new website to where I envision it to be. It was really a challenge trying to figure out how to add colors to the pages in my individual menus, But I was finally able to crack that code.

Today, I learned how to customize and add color to my web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and it really added a new look to my website and totally makes a lot of difference.


Is Donald Trump a Putin’s Puppet?

Dring the 2016 United States presidential election, and till now, the one question that has been on the minds of the majority of Americans have been “In Donald Trump indeed a Putin’s Puppet? Although we may not at this moment have a valid answer to this interesting question posed by Americans, It is perfectly clear that all the signs and evidence are pushing in the direction that it might actually be true and that the new president Donald Trump could have been installed by the Russian president Putin and, therefore subject to being compromised while in the White House.

Moscow news editor Alexei Venediktov once remarked that Vladimir Putin is first and foremost a Brezhnev-era KGB officer. A KGB officer’s top priority is to undermine his main enemy: the U.S. In a brilliant stroke of political judo, Putin is encouraging the belief that he installed President Trump as the real-life Manchurian candidate, feeding into the acrimony – on both sides of the aisle, and also overseas – provoked by the American populist revolt.

Like every political analyst in the world, Putin was convinced that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. He had aimed to tarnish American democracy in the eyes of the world, portraying it as a farce in which the dead vote. He had expected to be dealing with a weakened, tamed Clinton as the American president. Instead, he got Trump.

So what does a smart KGB officer from the Brezhnev era do? He turns to the tools of his trade: disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and more. He pivots, and claims that he installed President Trump and controls him – and he leverages his propaganda machine in Russia and Europe to promote the claim. He manipulates the American media too, using half-truths and feeding into the narrative they are eager to write. His claims undermine the confidence of the security structure in Washington, NATO capitals, and around the world.

In early December, Putin himself aggressively promoted the idea that Trump would be his man. In a double entendre worthy of The Sopranos, he told Russia’s NTV that “if Trump is a clever man, then he will fully and quite quickly understand another level of responsibility. We assume that he will be acting from these positions.”

So, is Donald Trump a Puttin’s Puppet? That is a question that we will someday find answers to. Hopefully in the nearest future.

Tiny Trumps

There is no secret  to the fact of how the new President Donald Trump feels about his public perception.

Trump has previously fired up publicly when he was mocked for having small hands and he slammed Saturday Night Live’s impersonation of him as a  ‘complete hit job’.

But no matter how much the President works to prove himself as a big leader, there’s always those willing to bring him down to something a little smaller.

Behold, these are a few and latest meme taking the internet by storm: The Tiny Trumps.

The following photoshoped edited images of the new President first appeared on a new Reddit community called Tiny Trumps.

Now the internet has now been flooded with memes of Trump looking about four feet tall next to other big world leaders and even his wife Melania.

Here are a few  more that are making the rounds:

Former president Barack Obama poses for a Selfie time photo with Tiny Trump and a White House staffer’s 11-year-old child… Lol

Tiny Trump is escorted on an airport tarmac by members of his secret service.