My Website Development

Today was really an amazing day in Digital StoryTelling class. I was able to learn a few more things about WordPress and how to add more contents to my website.

Today, I learned how to add Menus to my website, and also categories too. The next thing I am planning to do is learn how to  customize my website by adding some nice colors to the background, and adding contents such as videos and audios, and developing even more on it.

I am very excited about it, and cant wait to see what the final product will become when I finish.


Hello world!

Welcome to Our World.  Explore, connect, enjoy!

First blog post on my website

Today had the pleasure to post my very first blog post on my newly registered website, and it was indeed a very great feeling.

I look forward to designing the site and making it both as informative and as educative as possible.  Stay tuned…..